you are using the right quality drilling fluid and specialty products to keep your machinery in working order. Up until the 1990s, many companies focused on drilling fluid for vertical applications, leaving a gap in the market for appropriate drilling fluid or directional drilling mix. DrilRite-Chem proudly offers quality drilling fluid and specialty products for HDD, oil, gas, and water well drilling companies nationwide. While many old-school workers in the industry, may be skeptical of drilling fluids, as they only used water at the time, the addition of the proper fluids can directly affect the productivity and function of the job site. For example, water cannot perform the following functions:

  • Stabilize and seal the borehole
  • Suspend cuttings and clear them out of the hole
  • Protect the drill pipe
  • Cool and lubricate all the downhole tooling

This is where high-quality drilling fluid comes into play. At DrilRite-Chem, we are dedicated to providing the most economical solutions for your drilling fluid product and service needs. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of our directional drilling mixes and products. 

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Our Products Are Simple

At DrilRite-Chem we want to make your job site process more efficient without the addition of complications, which is why our directional drilling fluids are specifically designed with drilling surfaces in mind with simplified mixing instructions: 

We Focus on Affordability

As industry leaders in directional drilling fluids, DrilRite-Chem understands the importance of affordability. We are a small, privately-owned, company with the right experience and connections to the right suppliers, keeping our overhead costs down and increasing profits in your pockets. We never cut corners when it comes to product development, giving you the highest quality of y drilling fluid and specialty products for HDD, oil, gas, and water well drilling to keep your job site running more efficiently and smoother. We also offer free consultations of all of our services, providing you with an accurate quote for only the products you need – nothing you don’t! 

Our Products Work!

Backed by years of industry and on-site job experience, DrilRite-Chem has earned a reputation as a quality supplier of drilling fluid and specialty products for HDD, oil, gas, and water well drilling companies across the nation. We understand the importance of project timelines and budgets, which is why our products are guaranteed to be of equal or better quality than any competitors’ equivalent products. If you would like a lab analysis report on any of our products, we will be happy to provide it! If any of our products are found to be subservient to our competitors by a third-party testing company, DrilRite-Chem will refund the unopened product cost, shipping, and lab test expense occurred. We also have HDD experienced and certified mud engineers available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

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Additional Training & Seminars 

At DrilRite-Chem, we are committed to your drilling company’s overall success. We understand that drilling fluid and drilling fluid mixes are fairly new in our industry, but they can drastically improve your overall site operations and performance. Drilling fluid and boring fluids are chemical additive mixtures that when combined properly can assist in stabilizing hydrostatic pressure, managing drill-bit temperature, limiting formation damage, and more! While we do provide product mixing information and SDS documentation, we like to take our services a step further by offering additional training and seminars upon request. Take your drilling company to the next level with our high-performance drilling fluids today! Browse and compare our products today!