Product Cross Reference

See how our products stack up

DrilRite-Chem LLC provides quality products guaranteed to be of equal or better quality than any competitors’ equivalent product. We can supply lab analysis reports upon request. If our product is proven to be inferior to a competitors’ equivalent product by a certified third party testing facility, DrilRite-Chem LLC will refund the unopened product cost, shipping and lab test expense occurred.

DrilRite-Chem LLC personnel have several years of experience in the drilling industry with multiple HDD and downhole O&G projects on our resume. Our drilling fluids engineers can provide multiple references in either field upon request. With our background in both mud engineering and general consulting, we are continuously called upon to aid on projects by both drilling contractors and mud companies. With bores all across the U.S. varying from 18,000 ft high pressure /under balanced wells to 13,000 + ft HDD river crossings, DrilRite-Chem LLC has the necessary experience to provide you with quality products and service.